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09 February, 2023
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Mirror ERP CEO at IIT Jodhpur

09 February, 2023

Our CEO, Naveen Kansara’s presentation at IIT Jodhpur’s Presentation & Panel Discussion on Industry 4.0 for Industry Day 2023

The topic of Discussion was Industry 4.0.

The talk & presentation was to discuss Industry 4.0. Various aspects such as the meaning of Industry 4.0, its history, and the advantages it brings to manufacturing were discussed. Other panelists presented their solutions and implications of implementing this new technology in the industry.

Our CEO presented the case of a user of Industry 4.0. He also presented how our company & IIT Jodhpur were working together to develop an Industry 4.0 application here in Jodhpur and what advantages can be achieved. He also proposed various ways in which Indian academia and industry can work together in developing innovative manufacturing so that we can be the Smart Factory of the world. The students were also informed about the current developments in this area and what benefits can be derived from them.

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