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Mirror ERP
The most powerful manufacturing ERP

Orders, Inventory, Invoices, Production

A Better Way
to Digitise

Ensure clarity and transparency of operations, make timely decisions, save costs and out-innovate the competition.

Simplified Pricing

Mirror ERP™ offers simplified pricing with a single-page quote to cover everything.No complexity. No uncertainity.

Continous Training

Mirror ERP™ team provides continous training so that the system adapts as your processes and people adapt.

Clear Modules

Mirror ERP™ offers modules with clear boundaries so that you can digitize operations piece by piece. No disruption of work and reduced risk at implementation. 

Private Hosting

Mirror ERP™ is deployed individually for every customer. This ensures the customer remains secure and the data is protected.


Mirror ERP™ has dead bolt security with static IP binding. The data cannot be accessed from any other place than that authorised by you.

Optimized for Progress

Mirror ERP™ is broken down into easily implementable parts allowing continous proogress towards full digitization.

Simplify Your Operations
From Start to End

Eliminate Emergencies. Prepare for Growth.

Simple Workflow Based

Simple modules to let you hit the ground running. Modules centered more around the workflows in a typical production environment to make it easy for any team to adopt.

Continuous Updates
and Trainings

We constantly push updates to solve the problems at hand. Our team also constantly sysnc with our customers to identify pain points and offer real-time solutions.

Cloud Based

Being cloud-based improves access to the system from anywhere so that all data is always on your tips. Cloud-based software also enables realtime support that delights customers and keeps the ball rolling.

Integrated With WhatsApp
and Email

We have extensively integrated alerts in our system. The alerst can be delivered either through Whatspp or Email and keeps you informed and your team on its toes.

Packed With Features
Your Team Will Love

Unparalleled Flexibility

Mirror ERP™ allows you to pick and choose the modules and features that your company needs. No need to pay for stuff that you don’t need.

Monitor with Alerts

Mirror ERP™ has extensive integration for notifications. Get informed about everything that you are interested in via Email or Whatsapp.

Data Analytics

Mirror ERP™ provides powerful analysis capability with your data. We have a unique analysis UI that can produce any report that you need on the fly.

Feature Rich

Mirror ERP™ is feature rich to support a wide range of industry types. No matter how complex or simple your operation is, Mirror ERP™ can always add value.

Agile Product Updates

Mirror ERP™ team works with your company on a weekly basis. We also puch updates every week. We will ensure that your team remains unblocked.

Cloud Enabled

Mirror ERP™ is cloud-enabled making access to your data easy from anywhere in the world. It also enables an unprecedented level of support.

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