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Mirror ERP™
The most powerful Handicraft ERP

Built in Jodhpur, the handicraft capital of India
Handicraft ERP
Handicraft ERP
Handicraft ERP
Handicraft ERP
Handicraft ERP
Handicraft ERP

Testimonials from our Handicraft ERP Customers

Benefits for the Handicraft Industry

Handicraft ERP for the Handicraft Industry, by the Handicraft Industry.

Cost Effective

We are the most cost effective Handicraft ERP solution for companies ranging from 5 Cr to 300 Cr.

Extreme Support

Support is the biggest strength of our Handicraft ERP. We hand hold your company from day 1 to everyday.

User Friendly

The success of the Handicraft ERP is ensured by its user-friendliness and extreme simplicity.

Image Friendly

A Handicraft ERP needs strong support for images throughout the system. We have that covered.

Cloud-Based, WhatsApp Integrated

Handicraft Companies are mostly multi-location with super mobile owners. A Handicraft ERP that is cloud based and WhatsApp friendly will support you though everything.

Success Linked Payment

Handicraft is a tough business. The standards are pretty high. It is expected that a Handicraft ERP match those standards. We hold ourselves accountable for success.
Handicraft ERP
Handicraft ERP
Handicraft ERP Rugs
Handicraft ERP
Handicraft ERP
Handicraft ERP
Handicraft ERP
Handicraft ERP
Handicraft ERP

Unique Handicraft ERP Features

ERP Features built for the Handicraft Industry
from the ground up.

Container Planning

Plan all your export containers in advance
Handicraft is an export-oriented business. The timelines are tough and critical. Our Handicraft ERP has extensive container planning to help you ship reliable and effectively.

Product Catalogue

All photos beautifully organised with tags
Handicraft Industries have a wide product portfolios. The products keep increasing with time. Also its important to maintain a photo catalog of the ever growing offerings. Our Handicraft ERP allows you to have product catalogues that are searchable and detailed.

Wood Cutting Plan

Wood cutting simplified
Wooden Handicraft/Furniture companies have wood as their most valuable raw material. Planning and efficiently using wood is of utmost importance. Our Handicraft ERP has support to plan and manage your wood usgae as efficiently as possible.

Wood Inventory

Maintain inventory in CFT or Plank Pieces
Handicraft/Furniture companies have a lot of investment in their wood inventory. Hence getting a clear picture of the inventory is important for cost control and also for smooth production. Our Handicraft ERP successfully amanges wood inventory in whatever unit the company wishes.

Photo Purchase Orders

Save time with photo purchase order templates
Handicraft companies depend on artisans and craftsmen to produce their products. The artists and craftsmen are extremely skilled in their craft but need detailed instructions and specification in image format. Our handicraft ERP provides multiple templates to easily produce photo purchase and sales orders.

Price Calculations

Know your cost price always with accuracy
Handicraft companies need to constantly calculte prices for the new products that are being built continously. Our Handicraft ERP simplifies this by centralising pricing for all raw materials and services at one place. As the market prices fluctuate such fluctuations get reflected in all products automatically.

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