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Mirror ERP™
The most powerful Engineering ERP

Engineering ERP built by professionals running engineering plants on a day-to-day basis. Engineering Challenges like technical product specifications, production planning, machine utilizations and detailed analysis reports solved.
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Mirror ERP™ Benefits for the Engineering Industry

Engineering ERP solving everyday engineering problems of production and operations.
Affordable Best Price Engineering ERP

Cost Effective

We are the most cost effective Engineering ERP solution for companies ranging from 5 Cr to 300 Cr. Engineering Companies run on thin margins and we understand that the Engineering ERP must match this exacting standard.
Excellent Support Engineering ERP

Extreme Support

Engineering operations are complex. Running them on software is even more complex. Support is the biggest strength of our Engineering ERP. We handhold your company from day 1 to everyday.
User Friendly Engineering ERP

User Friendly

Complex engineering operations need to be simplified and presented in a similar manner. The success of our Engineering ERP is ensured by its user-friendliness and extreme simplicity.
Custom Engineering ERP


An Engineering ERP needs strong support for customization throughout the system to support different processes and products. We have that covered.
Cloud Based Engineering ERP

Cloud-Based, WhatsApp Integrated

Engineering companies increasingly need co-ordination between multiple people and departments to get their job done. We have a cloud-based Engineering ERP with WhatsApp integration so that communication moves faster resulting in faster, accurate and reliable results.
Cost Effective Engineering ERP

Success Linked Payment

Engineering units are complex. Implementing ERPs in them is challenging. The standards are pretty high. It is expected that an Engineering ERP match those standards. We hold ourselves accountable for success.
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Engineering ERP Micrometer
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engineering erp screws
engineering erp welding
Engineering ERP Micrometer

Unique Engineering ERP Features

ERP Features built for the Engineering Industry

Machine Planning

Plan loading on all your machines
Engineering Companies have lot of processes with different machines with different capacities. The loading on all those machines changes on a day-to-day basis. Our Engineering ERP helps in figuring out the loading on every machine in the plant.

Work In Progress

Know what all material lies in work in progress
As the materialmoves through the several processes of an engineering unit, the managers constantly need to know the current status of the material on the workshop. This is also known as work-in-progress. Our Engineering ERP provides detailed work-in-progress reports.

Batched Production

Batch Status, PPM and Rejection
Most engineering units do batched production. This is essential for backward tracebility. It also helps monitor rejection percentages. Our Engineering ERP supports batched production. batch reports, closing and maintenance of batch database, batch-related QA documention.

Raw Material and Spares Inventory

Maintain detailed inventory for Raw Materials and Spares
Engineering companies have critical and high value spares in their inventory. Plus a lot of small parts with details need to be monitored on a day-to-day basis to support all the machines in the workshop. Our Engineering ERP has an extensive inventory management module.

Detailed Production Reports

Monitor every process and machine
Engineering companies need to monitor every process and machine for efficiency. There are several downtimes to be taken care of. Our Engineering ERP has phenomenal support for process reporting and monitoring.

Production Processes

Ability to define routes for different products
An engineering unit may manufacture several different products in the same workshop. The different products may flow through the unit through different routes. Our Engieenring ERP supports multiple routes. Both process an machines can be defined in the route to enable planning on each process and machine.

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