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27 April, 2023
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Customer Story: GK Exports, a unit of Bhandari Exports

27 April, 2023

GK Exports, a unit of Bhandari Exports, is one of the most prominent handicraft exporters from Jodhpur. As a leading player in the industry, the company faces a host of challenges in its day-to-day operations. From monitoring inventory and supplier performance to tracking raw material prices, the company needs to stay on top of various factors to ensure its success. This is where Mirror ERP®️ comes in.

Mirror ERP®️ is a cutting-edge business software solution developed by Panipuri Soft, one of the best software companies in Jodhpur. Designed specifically for factories that deal in handicrafts and furniture, Mirror ERP®️ helps businesses manage a range of activities, from stock monitoring and price tracking to automatic follow-up with suppliers.

With Mirror ERP®️, GK Exports can easily monitor its stock levels, track raw material prices, and receive alerts on business-related matters directly on WhatsApp. This helps the company stay informed and make informed decisions, even when on the go. In addition, the software also allows the company to keep a close eye on its suppliers, ensuring that they are meeting their obligations and delivering high-quality goods.

One of the standout features of Mirror ERP®️ is its ability to automatically follow up with suppliers. This eliminates the need for manual follow-ups and frees up valuable time for the company’s staff. With Mirror ERP®️, GK Exports can focus on its core business operations and leave the supplier management to the software.

Praveen Kansara ji, the owner of Panipuri Soft, has been instrumental in helping GK Exports get the most out of Mirror ERP®️. As a seasoned software professional with years of experience in the industry, Mr. Kansara has been able to provide valuable insights and guidance to the company. Under his leadership, Panipuri Soft has become one of the top ERP software companies in Jodhpur, serving clients across a range of industries.

In conclusion, Mirror ERP®️ from Panipuri Soft is a game-changer for GK Exports and other handicraft exporters in Jodhpur. With its advanced features and intuitive design, the software helps companies manage their day-to-day operations more efficiently, saving time and boosting productivity. For any handicraft or furniture factory looking to streamline its operations and increase profitability, Mirror ERP®️ is the ideal solution.


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