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05 July, 2023
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Customer Story: JustWood Exporter

05 July, 2023
ERP Software in Jodhpur

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient operations and effective management are crucial for success. This blog explores how JustWood, a leading furniture exporter, leverages the power of Mirror ERP by Panipuri Soft, one of the Best ERP software companies in Jodhpur, to optimize their business processes and drive growth.

Production Monitoring through Mobile:

Mirror ERP’s mobile monitoring feature enables JustWood to track production progress in real-time. With a user-friendly interface, they can easily manage and monitor each stage of the production process, ensuring timely completion and delivery of orders.

Stock Monitoring:

With Mirror ERP, JustWood can effortlessly monitor their inventory levels. Real-time updates on stock availability and automatic alerts prevent overstocking or stock-outs, optimizing their supply chain management.

Photo PO for Suppliers:

Mirror ERP simplifies the procurement process for JustWood by allowing them to create and share photo purchase orders (PO) with suppliers. This visual communication ensures accuracy and eliminates any confusion in the ordering process.

Price Monitoring for Raw Materials:

Mirror ERP’s advanced features enable JustWood to monitor the prices of raw materials. This allows them to make informed decisions regarding sourcing, ensuring cost-effectiveness and maintaining profitability.

Business Alerts on WhatsApp:

Mirror ERP keeps JustWood informed with timely business alerts directly on WhatsApp. Whether it’s low stock levels, pending orders, or any other critical information, they receive instant notifications, enabling prompt action.

Efficient Inventory Management:

Mirror ERP’s robust Inventory Management Software in Jodhpur helps JustWood keep track of its stock in real-time. They can easily track incoming and outgoing inventory, reducing the risk of stock discrepancies and optimizing warehouse operations.

Automatic Follow-up with Suppliers:

Mirror ERP automates the follow-up process with suppliers, ensuring seamless communication and timely delivery of materials. This eliminates manual follow-up tasks, saving time and improving overall supplier relationships.

Mirror ERP by Panipuri Soft has revolutionized JustWood’s operations, providing them with a comprehensive ERP Software solution in Jodhpur to streamline their business. From production monitoring to inventory management and supplier communication, Mirror ERP has become an essential tool in JustWood’s success as a furniture exporter. With Panipuri Soft’s expertise and Mirror ERP’s advanced features, JustWood can focus on its core business while staying ahead in the competitive market.

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