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Do you feel implementing an ERP is risky?

15 April, 2022

ERP has traditionally been a risky venture. Cloud technology is changing this now. The risk on the customer side can be greatly reduced now. Mirror ERP™ makes it risk-free.

  • Tiered Milestone-Based Upfront Payment: We can deploy the software piece by piece. Making the upfront cost distributed over milestones and hence the financial risk for the customer is greatly reduced.
  • Ongoing Support: As the system is cloud-based, we can have extensive support and training. This makes sure that even when the staff at your end changes the system keeps running without hiccups. This greatly reduces the human risks associated with ERPs.
  • Pay only for what is used: We only charge for what is used. And hence you do not end up paying for anything that is not needed.

Mirror ERP™ shifts all the risk from the customer to us. Once you select us as your partner it is our risk to get the software up and running.

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