What is ERP

An ERP software system is a set of integrated applications or modules for managing a company's core business processes – including finance and accounting, supply chain, HR, procurement, sales, inventory management, and more.

ERP : How it's Works 

ERP and Internet or Cloud ERP refers to a system that operates on a vendor's server. Users can access it directly online if they have a stable internet connection and a browser.

While they are usually not marketed as such, Enterprise Resource Planning software can be divided into four different categories. Box ERPs, Large Scale ERPs, Intermediate and Flexible ERPs, and Industry Specific ERPs. This categorization helps in understanding the landscape of the current ERP systems market.

Types of ERP Software

ERPs are an essential tool for any fast-growing business that needs to optimize its systems, keep up with consumer demands, and scale its operations. With an ERP system, an organization can speed up customer response, eliminate repetitive tasks, consolidate data, and improve team dynamics.

Why ERP is Important For businesses?