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15 March, 2023
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How are Images for Specifications Managed in ERP?

15 March, 2023

Images for specifications are typically managed within the product or service record in an ERP system. This means that when a new product or service is added to the system, an image for specifications can be uploaded and associated with that record. The image can then be displayed on the product page on the company’s website or in other marketing materials.

In conclusion, images for specifications in ERP Software are an essential tool for businesses that want to provide their customers with detailed information about their products or services. By providing visual representations of products and services, companies can help customers make more informed purchasing decisions and reduce the number of returns and exchanges they must process. Managing images for specifications in an ERP system is a straightforward process that can be easily integrated into existing workflows.

Mirror ERP is an ERP Solutions company that allows businesses to manage various aspects of their operations, including inventory management, order processing, financial management, and more. One of the ways in which Mirror ERP can help businesses is by using images for specifications within the system.

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