Do you think ERP costs are too much? Mirror ERP™ has redefined ERP Costs!

15 June, 2022

ERPs generally have a huge upfront cost. The ERP quotes are sometimes difficult to understand and reaching a final decision can be confusing. Mirror ERP™ changes all that.

  • Very low upfront cost: We have a very low upfront cost to reduce the risk on the customer’s end.

    Mirror ERP™ reduces customers’ upfront risk to the minimum.
  • Fixed monthly recurring charges: No hidden charges. No constant bills. No constant negotiations. Just a fixed monthly charge that covers everything.

    Mirror ERP™ charges a fixed monthly charge making everything pretty simple and transparent.
  • Usage-based cost flexibility: Our pricing policy makes our ERP accessible to everyone with a turnover of 5 Cr to a Turnover of 250 Cr.

    Mirror ERP™ has a plan suitable for a company of every size.

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