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Product Catalogues like Never Before

01 January, 2022

As a company owner, do you wish your product photos were nicely organized and searchable? Mirror ERP™ can help!

Build powerful photo catalogs with ease like never before.

  • Multiple Images with each product: Ability to add multiple images with each product with tags. Mirror ERP™ is very image-friendly.
    Mirror ERP™ makes it very easy to create an image catalog of all your products.
  • Choose a default Image: Select a default image for the product to display across the board.
    Mirror ERP™ allows you to select a default image for a product so that a common understanding of the product may be developed across the company.
  • Tags: Tag the images for quick searchability.
    Mirror ERP™ helps you to find relevant images with a tag-based search.
  • Categories: Support for product categories and search of images based on category.
    Mirror ERP™ allows you to organize all products and images based on categories.
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